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Note from Christine Ballinger, Director, Noosa Regional Gallery
Mysterious, murky and evocative 
- Qantas Magazine
                                                   Stuart Spence and  Dress Circle , Noosa Regional Gallery                                                          


Stuart Spence and Dress Circle, Noosa Regional Gallery                                                          

Stuart Spence’s world, as seen in the aptly titled series, As Yet Unclear, is slightly out of focus and touched by muted colours and lone figures in melancholic scenes, his photographs capturing a sense of  nostalgia and loss. 
- Clara Iaccarino, The Sun Herald
Photographer Stuart Spence has created a haunting, shadowy world of softly coloured fragments of moments.
- The Age
A recent opening at Melbourne Art Rooms made it abundantly clear what sets this gallery apart from most. The haunting works of Sydney-based photographer Stuart Spence graced the walls, sombre and melancholic images.
- Ashley Crawford, Art Collector