Just Enough Light To See

Just Enough Light To See

Are We There Yet was originally conceived as a nine chapter novella, with accompanying photographs.

It is a coming-of-age love story, from a time when tanning with Hawaiian Tropic oil was just fine, a Chico Roll wasn't fattening (not that anyone knew of) and sex was something confusing, dangerous, yet wonderfully inevitable. 

This series shows the place where first love and the last holiday you'll ever have with your parents, meet. This was a time when new and confusing feelings suddenly arrived, tapping at fibro walls and moving fleetingly through the dunes and melaleucas. In similar ways, the corresponding images in Are We There Yet also move, sometimes dissolving into scattered grain and noise, other times shimmering in warm, soft focus. It's as if Spence is asking us to remember that terrifying, yet somehow exquisite feeling of one day being in control, then the next, hopelessly lost.

A time of turning from what we were into what we become.

Stuart Spence is currently expanding this series into a novel.