REVIEW - By Helen Barber , Hinterland Living Magazine, October 2008

If you are the sort of person who wanders around art galleries without really feeling a connection to the visual feast before you, then I urge you to go and hook yourself up to a truly different sensory art experience.
As Yet Unclear is the latest offering from renowned photographer, Stu Spence and the experience brings together his amazing images with a smorgasbord of song and sound courtesy of some of his mates who were moved enough to pen songs or poetry to accompany their favourite image.
Oh, by the way, his mates just happen to include luminaries such as Tim Freedman (The Whitlams) and Mark Seymour (Hunters and Collectors), Bernie Hayes and Peter O'Doherty (Mentals and Dog Trumpet).
Stu has harnessed the spirit of impressionist style with his grainy images and captured a sense of dream-like emotion through using a range of photographic equipment.
The photography when viewed closely reminds me of the fuzzy early morning images you have just upon waking, but with the tyranny of distance new insights emerge. There is translucence to each image that tells a back story and it's your job to figure it out.
At the exhibition opening on Friday 19th September, the atmosphere was electric, Noosa's art crowd showed up in droves to experience the sight and sound extravaganza - a first for the Noosa Regional Gallery.
The beauty of this show is that it glimpses the reality of a moment and then seems to knock the edges off and soften it.
Different images evoke memories of childhood carnivals or sombre moments of relationships lost and mistakes made.
Try this - go to the Noosa Regional Gallery grab a headset and take this extraordinary tour with an open heart and open mind, stand in front of some of the images and squint your eyes while listening to the music or poetry that accompanies them and really let yourself feel something.
I guarantee that you will come away with more than a few favourites, I certainly did.