And I Put My Trust In The Current

And I Put My Trust In The Current

Tim Freedman

Interpreter -Tim Freedman

"I printed out my three favourite images, taped them above the piano and waited for something to happen. And waited. You have to be patient. One day I was hitting random chords, trying to get in a trance, and my hands started playing these chords. It sounded like a hymn. So I thought church, death. I looked up and saw the two feet drifting in the ocean. What was he thinking? I assumed he was alive and he was calm and I hoped he had written a will. I started singing his will."


Tim Freedman is the lead singer and pianist of the Australian band The Whitlams. Prior to co-founding The Whitlams, Freedman was the front man of ska band Itchy Feet, and later the indie pop bands Penguins on Safari and The Olive Branch.

Freedman once said he became a pianist "by mistake" after quitting law school.

The song "No Aphrodisiac" was The Whitlams break-through hit (1997).

He cited a highlight of his career so far: receiving the ARIA award for "Best Album" from the man after whom his band The Whitlams were named, former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. "We've become quite friendly since", he said.

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