My Misunderstanding

My Misunderstanding

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Interpreter -’Skyscraper’ Stan Woodhouse

"The man in this photo learned something this evening, you can see it in the tilt of his head and the blurred suggestion of his face. He’s deep in revery, maybe on his road to Damascus. Or so I tell myself because I needed a story, Stu had asked me to write a song.

This man points his bouquet at the ground because his heart took a tumble just moments ago… but see the line of his mouth? Thats not a jilted expression. That’s the shock that follows revelation - he’s accepted truth. A hard truth ignored too long.

Yeah, that’s good, Stu will like that.."


“Skyscraper” Stan Woodhouse is a songwriter lauded for his observational lyricism - a cocktail of wit and grit delivered in a versatile baritone. His debut studio album, Last Year’s Tune, received critical acclaim around Australia and New Zealand. His second studio album Golden Boy was released in June 2019. Solo and with his band The Commission Flats, Stan is a fixture on the Australian touring circuit.

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