The Old Man Next Door I Never Saw

                                                                                                                                                               The Old Man Next Door I Never Saw

"There is a very scary atmosphere to this image so we used the old trick of delivering music that was innocent and cute, knowing that this would heighten the dark side of the picture. We thought that the use of tinkly, mechanical sounds would evoke a feeling of childhood and also it could be the voice of some strange mechanical contraption that the old man uses inside his building for unknown, possibly sinister reasons. It's all very creepy really and fun to do."

Interpreter -
Roger Loves Betty

Once upon a time there was a boy called Roger (also known as Tim Oxley) and a girl called Betty (also known as Jodi Phillis). Roger came from a very interesting and talented musical family, (think Sunnyboys, think Melanie Oxley) Betty came from the Clouds, (think 90’s alternative pop). They met long ago and fell in love after many years of friendship. They got married and moved to the Escarpment.

People came from far and wide to listen to their music and watch them play. In time they wrote, recorded, mixed and produced songs in their kitchen, which is now known as The Kitchen Recording House. It is where Jodi and Tim recorded their last 5 solo albums. It is also where they recorded their masterpiece, Let Love Begin, Roger Loves Betty’s debut album.

Jodi and Tim’s music reveals a world filtered through the eyes of two slightly off-beat and at times, melancholic characters, striving for peace and happiness. The affect is arresting, joyous and sparkling.