Peter Farnan

Peter Farnan


"The fear and exhilaration of being alone and/or on the brink of conjoining with another: someone we love … or a stranger. The thrill of youth, the dread of ageing alone in the fading light, sick and disoriented. A boat on a stormy sea, fleeing danger; a plea for help. The politics of lies and fear. The carni world of gaping clowns and meaningless motion. Here we are, spinning outwards until we are poised at that point of weightless balance - not moving - between life and death - before the inevitable, stomach churning plunge back, down, down, down. Who is going to save us from this world, from ourselves? "


Peter is a founding member, songwriter and guitarist for iconic Australian rock band Boom Crash Opera and seminal post punk outfit Serious Young Insects.

His most recent project, Pesky Bones, features songs written, performed and produced by him with lead vocals from the likes of Paul Kelly, Ali Barter, Tim Rogers and Rebecca Barnard.

He also works as composer, sound designer and musical director with a number theatre companies.