If You Return

If You Return

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Interpreter -Mick Thomas

"Ada Kaleh - submerged island of the Danube. A yearning for a place that never was (or can be) visited - and also for a book that never eventuated (Patrick Leigh Fermor’s Between the Woods and the Water ends here, never to divulge the promised third instalment of the trilogy begun with A Time of Gifts - maybe the best travel book ever written). It also speaks of a yearning for things that might have played out differently in my own life. I needed to write this song and I knew as soon as I was asked to peruse the photos I was going to find the idea there…."


Mick Thomas is best known as singer songwriter for Australian 80/90s roots rockers Weddings, Parties, Anything. Since WPA disbanded in 1998 Mick has continued to write and play, to travel and create in various guises as playwright, label manager, producer, publican and all round songwriter-raconteur. He remains signed to Mushroom Publishing and Bloodlines music where he continues to release fine albums, the most recent being Coldwater DFU - a modern day retracing of his trip to Memphis where the Weddings recorded their seminal Big Don’t Argue with Jim Dickinson in 1989.

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