Interpreter -Mark Seymour

"In the distance two figures stand on an apartment balcony. Behind them is a twilight sky full of clouds reaching into limitless space... there is no horizon which suggests the balcony is suspended at a great height. The figures are deep in conversation oblivious to their position. Something has happened here, something heavy... even tragic. One is questioning the other. The other answers..."


Mark Seymour is best known for his work as the front man and songwriter of rock band Hunters & Collectors, He has also released a number of superb albums during his solo career.In 1981, he formed the band Hunters & Collectors in Melbourne, playing guitar and handling vocals.In 1997, whilst still officially part of Hunters & Collectors he released his debut solo album King Without a Clue, [1] which earned him a nomination in the ARIA Awards for Best Male Artist (as well as Best Debut Single with Last Ditch Cabaret). In 1998, Hunters & Collectors officially split up.Seymour later released a live DVD/CD in 2001 entitled One Eyed Man, Embedded in 2004, and 2005's Daytime & the Dark. His fourth solo studio album, titled Westgate was released in June, 2007.

Seymour continues to tour, focusing on mostly small acoustic performances.