Come On, Take My Hand

Come On, Take My Hand



“When I had finished recording my 3rd album 'Twice I Fell Down Once' things naturally moved to creating or finding artwork and a cover. Stuart mentioned in conversation at a party we both attended that he had some images and might be able to help.

He sent me two amazing pictures.

I was immediately mesmerized by this most beautiful photograph and he so graciously let me use it for the cover.

Two years passed and then Stuart contacted me out of the blue and asked if I would be interested in writing a song for it as part of a musical and visual gallery he was creating. I was honored and said yes of course, and so I wrote 'Come On Take My Hand'. It had to be somewhat cinematic because Stuart’s photographs aren't still life, they are alive, hence the picked guitar section at the end, and I used an open tuning to free my thoughts, the song came together very quickly and I wrote it in Darwin on a hot balmy evening, I was looking out at the lights of the city and then at the colored lights in the photograph, and the words came to me, its about simplicity, need, love, timelessness and rollercoasters.


D Henry Fenton is an Australian music artist who is now based in the USA,

he travels back and forth performing, recording, working and loves it.

Thus far as a solo artist he has released 3 albums

'Autumn Sweet', 'Turnin' and 'Twice I Fell Down Once' and also a Blues EP of Howlin' Wolf songs called 'Howlin' Back'.

He listens to classical music, loves old movies, and once threw 7 coins in the air and they all landed on heads (true story).