Interpreter -Bernie Hayes

"I liked that particular image and it just gave me ideas straight away. I could see a story. It looked tragic. The flowers were sad, rather than happy. I immediately pictured the event being in the past, a long time in the past.

The story of the song is the story of a young couple. She decides to go overseas and while she's travelling, he takes his own life thinking that that's the end of the relationship. Only the thing is she realises as soon as she's left that it was a mistake and she wants to go back but by then it was too late."


Bernie Hayes has been playing, singing, writing and recording for thirty-odd years now.

Singer songwriter (Karma County) and producer of his last album, Homebody, Brendan Gallagher, probably describes Bernie best.

"Bernie Hayes is a diamond in the music business, gold and silver too,” he says. β€œHis songwriting alone guarantees him a seat at the table of great popular music writers; his incredible voice into the bargain elevates him to the status of national treasure. His is a majestic touch informed by raw talent and the dear school of experience. In a word he is an artist... long may he reign."