You Have Led Me To This

                                                                                                                                                                                  You Have Led Me To This

"The story started in my head, this is the place the old man visits regularly to feel his great sadness, shame and regret. He comes here to wash his hands clean, to absolve himself of his sins, and ultimately feel the truth about his one true love, the young girl. I wanted him to be able to express how he really feels and felt about the girl, and I guess to really have a voice in this song that would otherwise have no place in our society. My intention was to write without judgment, to be the storyteller of this man's secret that he has held for so long."

Interpreter -
Bek-Jean Stewart

Bek-Jean’s musical journey dates back to 1993 when ex-Catherine Wheel member Grant Shanahan placed an advertisement looking for a lead guitarist for a new project he had been working on, but when he heard Bek-Jean Stewart sing for the first time he knew he had discovered something special and immediately scrapped the project he had been working on and joined forces with her to form Eva Trout.

3 extraordinary albums later,  Bek-Jean knew she needed another outlet for her creative energy and in 2003 she joined her friend Perry Keyes in another rock and roll band as drummer. The weight lifted, giving her the energy to write again for her solo record, Junior Years (Laughing Outlaw)

B.J.-“Junior Years is songs written when I was Jesus’ age, and I think anyone who lives to and beyond Jesus’ age deserves a gold star and a smiley stamp on their hand."