Interpreter -Abby Dobson

"This to me is a classic portrait of longing... I got to picture myself in the spot just below where stuey must have snapped this... sitting with my legs dangling over the jetty... feet getting cold and... im still allowed to smoke in my imagination aren't I? yeah im smoking... regrets and pleadings fill my head in the still gully as I try to rewrite the picture... making deals with god and the devil for another chance at love."


When Abby Dobson left school, she sang for her supper in New York subways, Greek islands and Parisian tequila slammer bars. When she returned to Australia, she co-founded the group Leonardo's Bride. They had many accolades and their song 'Even When Im Sleeping' won APRA song of the year and also was voted as 'Top 20 Australian Songs of All Time'. She then went on to make gold selling albums and tour with dance producer Paul Mac. She has been invited to sing with Neil Finn, Daniel Johns, Alex Lloyd and esteemed others, was commissioned to record her songs for the hit TV series, 'The Secret Life of Us' and recently released her highly acclaimed solo album, 'Rise Up'. She was raised in Sydney, but now lives happily in Melbourne. Chase The Sun.